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What's your type of client?

We are always ready to work with all types of clients. They can be agencies, clubs, players or even fans. Our only requirement is that we must check first if we can gather as much resources as possible to achieve our quality level final product.

Can I see some examples of your work?

Of course you can!

We have disposed some demos in the video Portfolio page. You can visit the page here or if you really need to see a demo of your performances, you can request yours too.

For both, the process will be applied and you’ll be able to see something published like a demo together with other works we’ve been done so far.

Can I trust in the quality of your videos or video producers?

You already know our answer! Yes you can. Everybody says that… but we aim more! We don’t want to produce quality for quality. In every work we do, our focus is to touch the clients’s feelings. Our team of professionals sometimes produce more than one version of the same client.Our goal is clear: the final product must catch our attention and should be done with passion, not with the hands only and the selling purpose.

Trust us!

What if I'm not happy with my video?

As you know, abvously, liking or not is something very personal. To garantee that you like, the video will be produced with you in the development process. Some things are going to be shown to garantee that we are going in the right way. Our aim is to satisfy you and your needs.

If you’re an agency, we can also prepare every video with your branding identity.

I want a video of past seasons. Is it possible?

The only thing that’s necessary in this case, is a previous analisys from our team of professionals. They must check first if they have enough contacts to gather videos of your past. If that’s possible, they’ll contact you to start the process of creating a video of your last season or other seasons.

In resume, it’s possible if we can manage to arrange enough content to produce a product that you’ll enjoy!

What about video file formats?

All videos are delivered in mp4 format. We want the video to became able to be used everywhere you want.

In Mp4 format, you can use it in your social networks, your personal website, that you can also develop with us and our partners, and even in smartphones to show or view whenever you want to.

The video resolution may vary according to request or video specifications.

Can I buy any other personalized merchandising apart the video? What kind of products do you have?

Yes, you can have more products from our Studio. Apart from the videos, we can produce personalized materials for you. Not only textiles, but also products regarding yourself as a player or agency, fan or club.

Check the shop page for more information by clicking here.

How will I receive my video file?

As soon as you perform the payment, the video video will be automatically downloaded to your computer transfers folder.

You’ll always have the chance to ask for the video later if you need. You just have to show the order document you’ll receive in the cart checkout. If the products you’re ordering are physical, you’ll receive at the address you specify.

Are the payment methods safe?

To garante that’s safe, we are implementing Paypal payments. Soon, other methods will be available. In some specific situations, there might be possible to do in other ways like transfer or mail delivery payment.

How much do the videos cost?

About the video pricing, it all varies! We offer a wide range of videos and solutions for you. The best you can do is to visit the pricing page where you’ll find those products that are standard and have a fixed price. All others will be discussed later with you according to your request.

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