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BAS is a project starting with the aim of remind the greatest moments and actions performed by all top class players around the world.

With that in mind, we decided to start developing multimedia content with a great emotional factor allowing the players to have as close as possible, the chance to refresh their memory with their brilliant moments and achievements.

We present to the world as a company focused on video production for soccer/football players, agencies and even fans. We are very strict concerning our clients’ expectations, just because its’ passion must to be our passion, so when we create content for a client, we shall feel great emotions as we want him to feel when he checks  the final product!

Our Mission

It’s easy for us to describe our Mission. Everybody’s included in project knows that the most important factor here is the client/player/agency satisfaction. We want to help you to promote yourself or your clients.

Our mission will always be to extend the positive thoughts about the player around his personal context. We’ll always focus our attention on the emotional side of the video. The video must  convey good feelings, positive thoughts and motivation.

Our mission is to satisfy our clients by our great emotional ability to mix audio, video and best performances inside and outside the pitch!

Our Objective

We can split Best Action Studio objectives in two parts:

First, accomplish our tasks of video development related to a specific client who normally tend to be a player, agent, club or even a fan.

Then, we want to promote our best clients. We’ll continuously remain updating our projects and players’ projects, so they can in the future return and get even better versions of themselves. Actually, we can be their partners in future creation of multimedia content.

In short, our objective is to offer emotional content that can later be used to represent someone over millions of people!

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Adminstrative People
CEOs' and COO's

On Best Action Studio you’ll find a group of some people that lead the process. They care about information, management, processes and implementation. All is performed with team spirit and cooperation.

The Video Guys
Computer Graphics Experts Team

Our media guys are the head of this project. They work so hard sometimes to create some amazing content. Some projects can’t be revealed because some clients decide to buy full private version of our videos but they can surprise even with little versions.

The Beautiful People
Designers and Marketing

All things you can see here are always a good and wealthy discussion between our collaborative people. Our group of designers always want to develop clean and elegant stuff for our clients. On Marketing, social networks and future projects are going to take place with the help of our Marketing Diretor and his team.

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